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We are Speakeamos the place where you can learn Latin American Spanish in an on-line and personalized way.

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We are fortunate to have qualified teachers who give the best of themselves and who enjoy teaching Spanish to their students.

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Raquel Subero

English, Spanish

“If you speak to a person in a language he understands, the words will go to his head. If you speak to him in his own language, the words will go to his heart.”


Nerio Olmedillo


“If every day you add a little knowledge to what little you know you will soon find that you will know a lot.”

Our Story

In the captivating world of language and travel, Raquel and Nerio, a passionate couple, embarked on an extraordinary journey. Raquel, a graduate in languages, and Nerio, a licensed accountant with an ELE certification, shared a deep love for exploration and the enchanting landscapes of Latin America. 

Their mutual passion for teaching Spanish, with a focus on Latin American culture, inspired them to create a platform where people could practice their Spanish skills. With the intention of providing guidance and support, Raquel and Nerio established this web page, offering their expertise as instructors to help individuals enhance their language abilities. As they continue their travels, their commitment to fostering language proficiency remains steadfast, ensuring that learners can benefit from their guidance whenever needed.


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