Private Classes

Get private classes according to your needs and learning pace

What is a Private class?

In Private class you will have individual lessons (one-on-one) through ZOOM with a native teacher. It will be a class adapted to your level and needs where you will develop the four fundamental skills for learning a foreign language, which are: oral expression, written expression, reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

How does it work?

The first session will be a diagnostic class to know your level of Spanish, your weaknesses and strengths and thus start on the right topic according to your knowledge.

You will receive the materials, activities and exercises used in classes in your email. In addition, you will be assigned tasks to study and practice at home.

Class Schedule

Once the registration has been made, you will be sent our calendar in which you can choose the most convenient time for you according to our schedule.

How do I know my Spanish level?

Here is a test to measure your knowledge in Spanish: 


Choose the best plan for you according to your availability and preference. Let’s get started!

Private classes


12 lessons



Private classes


8 lessons



Private classes


4 lessons




Most frequent questions and answers
You can schedule the classes you want in the week. We have three class packages, which are: a) 4 classes per month; b) 8 classes per month; c) 12 classes per month.
You need a laptop or desktop computer to perform the written activities by the video call. We teach through ZOOM.
Progress will depend on how much time you spend studying Spanish. We will give you all the tools to progress as quickly as possible.
If you miss a class, it will be marked as completed. And in the next class the lesson of the missed class will continue.
It is possible ONLY 72 hours before class. Otherwise, you cannot reschedule and the class will be marked as completed.
No. According to our terms of service, once payment is made, it cannot be refunded.
Individual class is the most flexible plan we have. So, you can book your class at the time you want within our availability. And you can schedule your class 24 hours before.
You will receive all the materials given in class plus exercises to practice. In addition, you can complement your internship with the activities you find on our platform.

Would you like to have one-on-one Spanish classes?