Dynamic groups

Take classes with other people interested in learning Spanish like you and interact with them inside and outside the class.

What is Dynamic Groups?

Dynamic groups are group sessions through ZOOM with a maximum of 5 people where the teacher will explain a topic (it can be vocabulary, expressions, grammar, etc.) according to the level of the group and there will be interactive activities in and out the class through a whatsapp group  where each student can participate.

How does it work?

Group classes will begin when a group of four or five is complete. There will be different schedules set and you can choose the one that best suits your agenda.

At the beginning of the class a WhatsApp group will be created where you can interact with your classmates and teacher to practice the contents given in class.

Materials used in class and homework will be sent.

Class Schedule

After registration, you will be sent our calendar in which you can choose the most convenient time for you according to our set times.

How do I know my Spanish level?

Here is a test to measure your knowledge in Spanish: 


Choose the best plan for you according to your level and availability. Let’s get started!

Dynamic Groups


12 lessons


/per month

Dynamic groups


8 lessons


/per month


Most frequent questions and answers
You need any device to connect to a ZOOM video call.
There are different groups. A group of three classes a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and another group of two classes a week (Tuesday and Thursday) at different times. You can choose the one that best suits your agenda.
Progress will depend on how much time you spend studying Spanish. We will give you all the tools to progress as quickly as possible.
You will be able to communicate with the teacher so that he sends you the subject, the resources of the class and the activities to be carried out.
No. According to our terms of service, once payment is made, it cannot be refunded. 
In Dynamic class you can choose classes within our available schedules and you must stay within the same schedule to move forward with the group with which you start.
You will receive all the materials given in class plus exercises to practice. In addition, you can complement your practice with the activities you find on our platform.
It is possible, as long as everyone has the same level. In addition, everyone must register for the class.

Would you like to be part of our Dynamic Classes?