Unraveling the Intricacies of the Verb ‘Gustar’ in Spanish

verb gustar

The verb gustar is a peculiar verb, this verb has its own grammatical rules, it is called an affective verb or verb of valuation.

Unlike its English equivalent “to like,” “gustar” functions in a different way, emphasizing the recipient of the action rather than the subject. It literally translates to “to please,” and its usage often requires a different mindset for non-native speakers. Understanding how to properly use and navigate “gustar” opens the door to expressing likes, dislikes, and preferences in Spanish with accuracy and fluency.

Here we are going to practice the verb gustar with different activities.

Pronouns of the verb Gustar

The pronouns are also different, here we use “me, te, le, nos, les”, instead of the regular ones “yo, tú, él, nosotros…”

Conjugation of verb gustar

With this verb we only use its conjugation in the 3rd person and this conjugation depends on whether the noun to which it refers is singular or plural. Ex: Me gustan las flores / Me gusta la flor.

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