Spanish Present Tense Made Easy: Regular Verbs

Regular Spanish verbs form a fundamental part of Spanish grammar and communication. They are those that follow predictable patterns when conjugated in different verb tenses. Most Spanish verbs are regular, which facilitates their learning and use. Here you are going to find different activities to practice regular verbs in present tense.

Uses of the present tense:

The present tense in Spanish is used to express a variety of situations and uses in everyday communication. Some of the main uses of the present tense are: Habitual actions, current situations, general facts, descriptions and characteristics among other things.

Conjugation of regular verbs:

It is important to remember that regular verbs keep their verb root (infinitive without ending) unchanged in all forms, and only the appropriate ending is added according to the personal pronoun.

Conjugate verbs in the present tense

Conjugate the verb and then make a sentence

Dictation (Listen to the audio and complete the text)

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